Dr. Josef Steiner
The Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation

1990 5. Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Prize

Dr. Thierry Boon

Dr. Thierry Boon

Professor Extraordinaire

Université Catholique de Louvain

Director, Ludwig Institute

for Cancer Research

Brussels Branch

Ave. Hippocrate 74 B

U.C.L. 7459

1200 Brussels, Belgium

Thierry Boon has observed that tumor cells that have acquired new mutations as a result of mutagen treatment in vitro, often become incapable of forming tumors because they express new antigens recognized by the T cells of the immune system. He was able to isolate the genes that code for these so-called tum- (tumor negative) antigens.

Thierry Boon was awarded for this work, which suggests that introducing tumor cell mutations might elicit an efficient therapeutic immune response in cancer patients.

Dr. Ronald Levy

Dr. Ronald Levy

Professor, School of Medicine

Division of Oncology

Stanford University

Stanford, California 94305


Ronald Levy was the first to generate and to use monoclonal antibodies to treat patients with B cell lymphomas. Tumors which have grown back after initially responding to the antibody treatment were shown to express receptors slightly different from those in the primary tumor cells. He has done extensive work to define the basis of antitumor effects of the monoclonal antibodies and to analyze the limitations of the therapy. Ronald Levy received the prize for this hopeful new approach in cancer immunology.