Dr. Josef Steiner
The Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation

1992 7. Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Prize

Dr. Bernard Fisher

Dr. Bernard Fisher

Director, Adjuvant

Therapy Center;

Distinghuished Service

Professor of Surgery,

University of Pittsburgh,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,


Dr. Gianni Bonadonna

Dr. Gianni Bonadonna


Division of Medical


Istituto Nationale Per Lo Studio

E La Cura Dei Tumori

Milano, Italy

Dr. Bernard Fisher and Dr. Gianni Bonadonna shared the 1992 prize for their outstanding work on adjuvant breast cancer therapy. Dr. Fishers research work has given rise to a new perception of the phenomenon of tumor metastasis, which led to new strategies for cancer therapy, later convincingly supported by large prospective randomized clinical trials. The three drug combination known as CMF (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and fluorouracil) originally developed by the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, U.S.A. and further tested by Dr. Fisher’s Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group was selected by Dr. Gianni Bonadonna to become the first drup combination for breast cancer therapy in an adjuvant setting. Two decades of clinical research have stressed the biological complexity of breast cancer, the disease propensity to be systemic at the time of diagnosis, the importance of drug dose, combination and sequence, all leading to a significant increase in disease free survival of patients suffering from breast cancer.